Friday, January 6, 2012

Here are some pictures taken by each group.

The Colors of Nature

Simple Beauty

The sun rises as the rooster crows.

 Bee pollinating a flower and keeping the Circle of Life going.

Local school

 Mount Kilimanjaro

Enjoying our breakfast at camp

The Tree of Life

 Junior and Gabriel, two kids hanging out with us at the worksite

Loading the van in Tanzania

Beetle Bug - Matt snapped a shot of this beetle as he was walking back to camp.

Joeseph and Mount Kilimanjaro
This morning at 6 am Joesph walked a few of us to a nearby school so we could get our first look at Mount Kilimanjaro. Here, Joesph looks toward the snow covered peak.

Mount Kilimanjaro
This is Mount Kilimanjaro, only visible at 6 am and 6pm when there is no haze.

Near by local school

This is the water source we will be protecting with the fence.

 Fence - This is a fence surrounding the seciond water source, this will serve as a proto-type for the fence we will build.

Hello! - This is a boy we met on our walk to the work site.

Walking to a water source that is already protected by a cement fence.

Walking above water.

Our fearless leader, Gabe.

Simon - Simon showing us the already protected source.

Walking to the worksite

 Local home on the way to the worksite

One of the kids we met along the way.

Trail to the worksite

Hanging out during our downtime at camp

All of our luggage sitting in the middle of camp

The airport we arrived in in Marangu

Filling out forms for our travel visas

An 'I love Tanzania' bumper sticker

Gabe and Lily sitting together in the bus

Putting all of our luggage into the vans to head to camp.

Waiting to get into our buses

Riding to Moshi in the bus


  1. Dear SMC Students,
    Third Graders at Southwestern Elementary in Hanover, IN are excited about experiencing this adventure with you! Our principal even wants to participate in a Skype session if it works out! Keep up the great work!!
    Shelly Anderson Hamilton

  2. We have checked the blog this morning. We have a few questions:

    1. How big is the spring and the area around the spring that you are protecting with the fence?~Derrick, age 9

    2. We want to see more pictures of bugs please!!!~Kadin, age 9

    3. We know you wake up with the bells, but what time do go to bed? ~Foster, age 9

    4. Do you plan on climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro?? ~Evan, age 8

    From Southwestern Elementary

  3. On my lunch break at work remembering the excitement and thrill at the start of my trip! Wishing you all wonderful experiences and fulfilling moments! Beautiful pictures and can't wait for more.
    Sophie. Brazil '09

  4. Wonderful posts despite your internet problems. Photos are beautiful and a great glimpse for those of us on the outside looking in. You are all such great ambassadors for America!

    Lisa Schnaidt
    (one of Claire's fans!)

  5. Great pictures! One word of advice: get some pictures of Shawny -- she always tries to duck out of photos.
    Jeff & Sara (Brazil '02)

  6. I am in love with the stories you are telling through the photos! It looks like you have an amazing adventure ahead of you! Beautiful! Beautiful! Keep sharing!
    Be safe!
    Marie Cacciatore