Friday, December 16, 2011

Almost Ready!

December 16, 2011

Finals are over at Saint Mary's and we have completed our last overnight retreat in Hagerty Lounge on campus.  Today was our media crash course, where we put together a video about our rain capture/transfer system and then each team made a video about itself.  We hope you enjoy the posts and we hope you return in January to follow our travels in Tanzania!  See you in January!

But for now, check out our teams and our project at the garden.

Here's our rain capture/transfer project:

Here is Klachi: Erin, Ciara, Trevor, and Kyle!  (Kyle, sadly, was unavailable for filming . . .)

Here is Ndizi Mbivu: Zoe, Darcy, Scott, and Matt!  (Matt is studying in Copenhagen, so his team made the best of it . . .)

Here is Team Chatu: Amelia, Claire, Dennis, and Alec!  ("Chatu" means "python," in case you are wondering.)

Here is Team Kaimati: Hilary, Josh, Gabe, and Lily!